Beer + yoga = Brewasana, the new fitness trend that will let you drink while you Brew-ga

And we have Berlin hipsters to thank for it….

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For all your fitness fanatics occasionally led astray by the temptation of a cold pint, listen up.
Brewasana, that is, beer and yoga ( yes you heard that right!) the simple and appealing concept of sipping your beer while you salute the sun and earn your sav asana, is happening somewhere in your nearest yoga studio and it sounds fantastic.
Seems like it’s a fun twist, but probably not recommended for days when you’re trying to twist out the toxins.

What more could enhance your relaxation than a couple of pints? Think: holding your beer to the heavens in a tree pose before moving to take a sip in a halfway lift.

Beer plus yoga? The ultimate hoppy hour. In other words, Brewasana is a win-win situation.

The beer yoga concept, which originated from the German Bier Yoga, has spread on an international scale since January this year.

Instructors at Bier Yoga described the Brewasana as a “marriage of two great loves“.

They said: 

Both are centuries-old therapies for body, mind and soul.The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other and make for an energizing experience.”

Brewasana Beer Yoga on

If Beer Yoga hasn't hit your city yet but you still want to see what the buzz is about (or get buzzed), no fear—here are five different poses from Work for Your Beer for you to try at home or with your friends. All you need is a 6-pack and a yoga mat and you're all set.

  1. 1 "Chug" Pose

    Back on your feet! Get ready for your buns and thighs to burn as you chug your beer for the duration of your time in Chair pose.

  2. 2 "Downward Facing Drink" Pose

    You'll kick off your beer yoga practice with a twist on a classic: Downward Facing Dog. Just add a beer (and probably a straw) and you're set.

  3. 3 "Slurp" Pose

    Brewasana Beer Yoga on

    Work your arms and core with this play on Crow pose! This move is pretty advanced, so feel free to flow into Plank pose instead. Either way, you're probably going to need a straw to slurp up your beer.

  4. 4 "Hold My Drink" Pose

    Brewasana Beer Yoga on

    This Seated Spinal Twist pose gives your body a brief moment of detox (before you re-tox with that beer in your hand).

  5. 5 "Extended Swig-angle" Pose

    Brewasana Beer Yoga on

    Next, you'll flow at your own pace into Triangle pose, opening your heart toward the ceiling while you take a swig of your beer.

What a fabulous day. Thanks for the love and the laughs Bieryogis 🍻🤘

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Before your fitness friends go shrugging off beer yoga because of the beverage’s reputation for a high calorie count, allow us to remind you that beer actually has some notable health benefits, from reducing your heart attack risk to protecting against diabetes.

Who knew that the key to attaining nirvana (enlightenment) for yogis was beer? But, indeed it’s correct. All you need now is just a chilled mug of beer (and off course your yoga mat) to transcend to a higher consciousness.


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14 shares, 319 points
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