Caro Cult

Caro Cult

I’m a dreamer and I believe in magic. I grew up in a small village close to Hannover. When I was 18 I left the ‘ordinary’ for the artist’s life in Berlin. I made an initial love for acting to my calling. I also enjoy painting, writing and reading and being philosophical and cooking and my healing stones and my loved friends.

On my path there has also been a reaching out into modeling although I have not pushed to develop it deeper cause I believe it wouldn’t challenge me highly enough as my main focus.

I love challenges that spark new discoveries within myself and I enjoy to be on camera in situations that you usually don’t get yourself into.

Even as someone living in harmony, I enjoy trying out other parts of myself. I believe there is no other job where you push your own boundaries as much as with acting.
And that’s exactly what I want for myself.

I hope this status supports sharing my insights and being an inspiring role for others by bringing my message into this world (eg. Vegan diet…)