COVER GIRL – Jamie Conrad

Jamie Conrad

Hey GLAM fans my name is Jamie Conrad I was born and raised in south Florida, I began doing hair & makeup right after high school, I knew what I wanted to do since I was a little girl.
Jamie Conrad started to work in salons and shortly after that decided to take on modeling when she was about 19 years old. Modeling slowly turned into a career for her. My first modeling gig actually came from a hair client of mine, she made purses and wanted me to be the face of the company. Ive been featured in many magazines like FHM, I’ve been on T-shirts & Skate Boards sold in many stores like PACSUN. I’ve also always had a passion for dancing and wanted to see how far I could take that passion, so I decided to try out for a dance company called Zhantra, I got the job on the same day as the trials, I was so excited I even cried! I danced for so any amazing clubs in Miami and became one of the head dancers at club LIV . After 3 years of dancing for a living I decided to focus on my modeling career and getting into freelance hair styling & makeup. I’ve done everything from fetish modeling, street wear, runway, fashion, nude, & even some urban. I’ve always been told to pick one path and stick with it ….. But I’m constantly growing and exploring and sticking to one area just isn’t how I work.

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