Dolores Cortes offers a wide and diverse range of products, with a high component of design and comfort, and an excellent quality-price relation.

This offer is divided into different lines according to the Target to which it is addressed.

Dolores Cortes FREEDOM, Dolores Cortes CLASS, DCKIDS by Dolores Cortes, Dolores Cortes SHAPE and Dolores Cortes PASARELA.

The 2017 collection draws its inspiration from the artistic vanguards of Kinetic Art and Op-Art. Large sections of colour that combine with patterned grids and structures that provide a sensation of movement.

Architectonic shapes, combination and repetition of simple geometric figures such as rectangles, squares, triangles or circles.

With regards to colour, there are marked contrasts, whether poly or bichromatic. The tones create gradations of lights and shadows, thus extending the tone range.

Silver laminated fabrics of varying intensity and padded materials with 3D effect generate a more sophisticated atmosphere with a certain galactic air.

A radical, personal and polymorphic universe for a collection of swimsuit fashion that bases its reason for being on the aesthetics of movement.

Dolores Cortes