Ama Garatshun in “Summer on Birdie Beach” – Shot by Rod Capon

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Ama Garatshun, born and raised in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia has been freelance modelling since 2010. Being in tune with her body and sense of femininity allowed her to feel most comfortable and fall in love with art nude modelling above other styles.

Years of experience and practice have paid off with 2016 seeing Ama’s portfolio grow exponentially working with many prestigious national and international photographers.

Her in demand modeling skills and unique, bold and sensuous style took her on her first interstate modelling tour and it definitely won’t be the last with plans to tour in Europe next year.

Ama Garatshun receives consistent praise and high recommendations from those she works with, a common theme complimenting her professionalism paired with a fun and laid back personality and most of all her ability to pose naturally in front of the lens.

Model: Ama Garatshun | @amagaratshun

Photographer: Rod Capon | @rodcapon


What sparked the modeling fire within you?

I suppose my modelling fire was sparked when I did my first few shoots when I was 18 and enjoyed the creative process and the liberation. I love creating sensual art and I’ve been lucky to work with many amazing creatives along the way!


Do you Model part time or full time? Tell us about what you do.

I model part time. Being a freelance creative can be tricky, especially financially, so I keep a part-time job on the side for steady income. I like this better than trying to model full time as I’ve seen friends burn themselves out, modeling becoming a chore rather than a creative outlet.

What sort of things are you into when it comes to hobbies?

I’ve always been a creative person but I’ve never stuck to a certain hobby long enough to master it. For example, as a kid, I tried my hand at music; singing and playing different instruments. I also did art and dance classes and most recently did work in the film industry; in front of the camera and as crew. My new year’s resolution will definitely be to try some of these things again, and actually stick to them! I also love seeing live music performances, we have such amazing local talent here in Australia and I’m a big fan of supporting the independent artists.


Would you say you’re vanilla or kinky in the bedroom?

I’d say I’m definitely more of a sensual lover. This is more of an approach to the spectrum of sexual activities than a collection of kinky toys or only doing the missionary position. I like it best when it’s slowed right down and not outcome focused.


What do you wear to bed at night?

I have a huge collection of mostly gray and white loose t-shirts and BONDS undies. This is my bedtime uniform. Fun fact: I can’t sleep naked because I am always tormented with dreams of trying to put clothes on; weird for the nude model right?

Do you have a lover? Or are you single?

I have an amazing lover! We live together with our boy cat Latte. We are supportive of each other and have an awesome relationship.


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38 shares, 293 points

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