Model: Chy Fontenette | @Chy.F

Photographer: Edward Flowers | @Digital_Mind

This set is called “Dimensions” – Featuring Chy Fontenette and shot by photographer Edward Flowers.

Designer/Stylist:  Jes The Stylist ( | @G4Lclothing
Assistant: Mia Douglas
Make-Up/Hair:  Sharris Williams


What type of man do you find yourself attracted too?

I look for a great personality, someone who can make me laugh. A persons smile is everything! If they have a beautiful soul then I’m hooked.

Do you like walking or do you prefer to drive?

It definitely depends on where we’re going. If we’re on a beach or going through a forest then let me off I’m walking if I’m in a big city then I’m probably wearing heels and I rather take a car lol.

Have you ever won any kind context before?

This is my first and I’m very excited about it, it has definitely brought out more of an interest in modeling for me for sure.

Do you find that men with beards are irresistible or quite the opposite?

I’ve always preferred a clean shaved man but surprisingly I find myself quite attracted to the beard.

As a model what has been the most challenging obstacle for you to overcome? Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring photographers?

I can’t really put my answer into words. I say as a model it’s just adjusting to my surroundings that Im trying to overcome instead of having props to model with. I’m love every adventure that’s came my way and made the best of it.