Glam Girl Elena – with Rodion Tyurikov

Model: Elena | @Elena_temnikova

Photographer: Rodion Tyurikov | @2urikov

“Hello, my name is Elena. I am 32 years old. I was born in the Saint­ Petersburg and living here  now. I have graduated the SPBGLTU of S. M. Kirov. I had worked in the company as an administrate manager for 9 years, but one year ago I  decided to spend time for myself and do whatever i want .I mean hobbies, sports, which i  practice all of my life . For example it is dancing in the different styles and a gym at present.

I  like traveling, meeting new people and studying their traditions. I am engaged in the photo. I am very sociable girl and my friends say that I am positive, open and friendly. In relations I  appreciate sincerity and honesty. I try to derive pleasure from each lived day.”

What do you wear to bed?

I wear loose shorts and tight top so it doesn’t get messed up.

Where have you had your best shoot?   ­

On a boat by some fascinating lake.

What do you remember about your first shoot? ­

Freedom and Self­-Confidence that I felt in  process.

Single or happily taken? ­


What do you think about deep fried Oreos? ­

I’d sell my soul to devil to have them everyday without health damage.

­Do you have any pets? Please tell us about them if you do. ­

I have a fluffy black cat with yellow eyes.

Photographer’s Note:

My name is Rodion (2urikov). I am 25 years old. Live in Moscow. Love to travel. I started to get involved of photography in early 2015. In my opinion during this time I have made good progress. I studied photography and work in photoshop by myself without books and teachers. I started in erotic style. Then I liked another: fashion, portraits, sport. It is my hobby. But sometimes it brings a nice bonus. I’m trying to learn something new everytime. I hope someday to become a world famous photographer.

Met Elena in the social network. We very quickly agreed on a photo session. Both were very late on it. Had to create beauty in a very short time. The Studio was very futuristic. Just what we wanted. It was very easy to work with her. As if we were a hundred years were familiar. Wanted to shoot a very stylish material. And so it was. Photoshoot was brilliant and easy. And Elena is very beautiful girl.

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