Ilvy Kokomo started modeling when she was 18. She found out that she really loves the feeling in front of the camera.

Model: Ilvy Kokomo | @jaystudioparis

Photographer: Jaimy Corcos | @ilvykokomo


“I was amazed about the thought what I can create in the picture with my body and face expression. I did modeling part time for 5 years and now for 1 year I’m doing it full time since I graduated. I’m still loving it and I want to do it as long as i can.”

What do you wear to sleep?

Nothing I sleep naked

Describe your ideal man/woman.

The one who accepts my imperfections.

What have you learned from being a model?

That my dreams come true if I try hard enough.

Are you a kinky or vanilla in bedroom?

This a question for my boyfriend not for me.

What is your dream destination & why?

Everywhere where I haven’t been yet because I want to explore every little corner of Earth.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Coffee in mornings and tea all day long.

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