Glam Girl Feature – Jackie Almeida, Shot by Jordi Pelegri

Model: Jackie Almeida | @iamjackiealmeida ,

Photographer: Jordi Pelegri | @jordipelegri ,


What is you dream destination?

I have been to so many places already, more than 35 countries around the world but I still have a big list, right now on the top I have India and Israel.

What is you favorite activity to do at the beach?

Depends,  if  there is a good music playing I really like to dance in the sand, it’s also a good work out. But most of the time I love to relax while I am getting tanned.


What wild animal would you absolutely love to see in person?

I have seen many already, the last one was a wild fox that I had pleasure to shoot with. Now I would love to see a unicorn.


What is your favorite sport?

Yoga. For my mind and body.

Who inspires Jackie Almeida?

I like to keep my eyes and ears open, everything and everyone could be an inspiration.


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