Glam Girl Karina Precious as ‘Showgirl’ – by Evgenia Ribinik

Model: Karina Precious | @karinaprecious_revlon

Photographer: Evgenia Ribinik | @evgeniaribinik

How long have you been modeling? Are you a full time pr part time model? If part time, what do you do for your main gig?

Modelling has been my passion since I got into dancing, like 6 years ago. After I moved to New York it became my part time job although I am still shooting not very frequently but only when I am feeling inspired or impressed with photographer’s talent. In every day life I am a dancer and student in Fashion institute in New York.

What can you remember about setting up your first photoshoot?

Oh I remeber! It was in Ukraine when I was 16. One of very talented photographer shot me and my best friend on the highway wearing shirts, accesoories and heels. It was provacative for my age for that time. That shoot opened my vision. I started to create provacative ideas fr outdoor shoots and inspire photographers to work with me.

What plans for 2017 do you have for your modeling?

Right now I am training a lot and I have athetic shape,so this year I am dreaming to be a part of fitness or lingerie campaign.

Karina Precious, Looks like you are very flexible! Any advice for girls looking to get more bendy?

Yes! Bendy is a lifestyle! First step is to find the sourse of motivation. It can be a great class, teacher, friend or yoga partner. If you find this pain from stretching enjoyable, you have to keep practicing no matter what level of flexibility you have at the moment. After some time, you won’t need reminders to practice. Your body will be bagging you to stretch.

Who are the biggest supporters?

Myself. I have to be confident in my own strenght first. When I know that I am going in a right direction and I am ready to face any possible difficulties alone, then other people support me and believe in me. But I am blessed to have precious people in my life who won’t let me down.

Please share an embarrassing moment while shooting.

When we rented a space to shoot art nudes in the office builiding in Brooklyn.There were no curtains in the room so all of the offices across from our window had a chance to observe our creative process. It was even a conference meeting in one of them.

What made you want to become a VOLOGlam Girl?

Because VOLOGLAM girls have a spice and they are gorgeous!

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