GLAM Girl Feature with Katherin Sher – Shot by FABIO PATERNO

Model: Katherin Sher | @katherinsher

Photographer: Fabio Paterno | @fabiopaternoph


Katherin Sher is 20 years old model living in Saint Petersburg.She is a Student learning design of costume and working as a model since 2012.

Katherin Sher trained at the model school LMA. She has participated in many master classes and workshops. She loves her work because of opportunities to travel the world.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Eating too much food

When’s the best time for an adventure?

Every day it is the best day for some adventure. Enjoy that!


Where can you be found on a Sunday afternoon?

Oh it so different! Sometimes i can be in restaraunt, club or my ballet class

What is your favorite thing to wear to bed?

Сhanel Mademoiselle. I prefer nude body for sleep.

Where would you fly to right now if someone offered you a free plane ticket?

The Maldives.


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