GLAM Girl Feature- Kathy Picos, Shot by Jorge Picos

Model: Kathy Picos | @kathy_picos

Photographer: Jorge Picos | @j_picos


What do you wear to bed?

Nothing…. Less is more ;)

Are you a midnight snacker?

Nope! But when I awake, watch out!

What made you choose to be a model?

I love photo shoots !!


Have you had any embarrassing moments while modeling?

Not yet, thankfully! Well there was this one time ……

Is Kathy Picos kinky or vanilla in the bedroom?

It is between kinky or vanilla, kinky most definitely. There are ‘no holds barred’ between my man and I. As it should be !


What are the pros and cons of having your significant other being behind the camera?

Pros are; comfort level is off the charts. It’s always a zone of total trust and great communication. Cons is; He never wants to delete any pictures, even the ones I hate!

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