Model: Sasha Z | @zhu_s

Photographer: Vickram Singh Bawa | @vikram_bawa

Make Up and Hair Artist: Ambereen Yusuf | @ambereen01

Styling: Nazneen Harianawala | @nazneen.parmar
Glam Girl feature with Sasha Z shot by Photographer Vickram Singh Bawa, Sasha Z perfectly fits a classy and sexy style of VOLOGLAM.

“Hey there! My name is Sasha Z. Im 23 years old and I was born in Russia but as I think about it, I don’t belong to any country. Since I was 14 I start to travel separate or with my best friend. I spent 10 years for gymnastic and it was beautiful time!

After that, I started my studying in England, and then I spent some time in China working as a model. And when I was 18 I took a break and joined classes of history and art. These days I work as a model, actress and DJ (hip hop is my hot sex) so as you can see I am I love with fashion, art and parties.”

Did you always dream of becoming a model?

“The idea of becoming as a model was unexpected, I was inspired by one of the top models at the age of 13. I watched this fashion show with Lily Cole, and her look makes me google pictures of this girl and I was like, “I wanna be role model for someone else like how she is for me.”

What has been your favorite shoot so far?­

“I love every single shot that I’ve done, everyone who has been there for me during the shoot spent their energy and time on making me look beautiful. Specially Vicram and his team.”

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Sasha. ­

“I wake up very early on a lovely morning light. I make my coffee and usually read newspapers or magazines while having breakfast.

I do ballet classes these days. I also attend to meetings, networking and watch movies. Also, my hobbies includes searching for a new music, planning new sets and practicing or whatever.”


Do you have a lover? If yes, please tell us about how you met.

“Yes I do. We met at the club. He is really hot and a very good dancer. He was the first foreign guy I felt comfortable with. I find it really easy to explain to him Russian songs and humors and for me it’s really important.”


Do you have plans to travel this summer? If so, where?

“I went back to Russia after 1.5 years of being abroad, so for now, I guess I’m going to be a tourist in my own country or quite a while.”

Vanilla or chocolate?

“Sweets are not my thing, but I can’t say no to the French Fries! :)”


Photographer’s Note:

“Sasha is sexy, fun and exciting. Getting her to be the sexy sultry self is what we wanted to capture.”

– Vickram Singh Bawa