Stephanie Dec – Shot by Kenny Lee Photography

Model – Stephanie Dec | @StephDec02

Photographer – Kenny Lee Photography | @KennyLeePhotography

Make up & Hair – Katherine Violette | @Katherineviolettehmua


Stephanie Dec was born and raised in New Jersey. She describes herself as your athletic girl next door.

“I love sports…Go NY Giants! I played field hockey in college, so fitness and sports is in my blood. I have 3 beautiful dogs that help me keep active. And I love anything outdoors. Beach is my happy place 🙂 ”

Stephanie Dec

What do you wear to bed?

Something comfy cozy or nothing at all .

Stephanie Dec Stephanie Dec

Favorite CD as a kid?

Ok, I had tape cassette’s when I was younger (yes I’m that old) and my favorite was Hootie & The Blowfish
Cracked Rear View.

Stephanie Dec Stephanie Dec

Are you a midnight snacker?

No not at all.

Describe your first shoot.

My first shoot was with a photographer know as Glamour Bitch. I went to have some sexy photo’s for my
man done. Then it turned into something more! The shoot was amazing all props to photographer Dawn and
the makeup team who made me feel like a goddess. They really helped me realize that I could full fill my
modeling dreams.

Stephanie Dec Stephanie Dec

What is something you wish you had known a year ago?

I wouldn’t have wanted know anything, It may have then affected the outcome of a situation or point in time. I
like exactly where I am! Life is about changes and challenges and being able to adjust accordingly with little
to no notice sometimes.

Steph8 Steph9

What does modeling do for you?

Modeling is a great creative outlet for me I love being able to dress up and get photographed in different
scenarios. I also love how it makes me feel I’ve never been more confidant with myself then I am now. It
really allows me to love myself and appreciate everything I have to offer brains and beauty wise.



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