Glam Girl Feature with Trinity Telues

Model: Trinity Telues | @trinitytelues

Photographer: OneMore.Photos | @onemore.photos

“I grew up in Southampton, UK with my mother, father and twin brothers. School was pretty tough for me, I had to deal with bullying and the like. This led me to hate school and learning. After leaving school I worked in hotels and decided I wanted more so went to college. I then took another gap and worked for Volkswagen cars and after a few years I again decided I wanted to do ore so went to University. Last year, I graduated with First class Honors and three awards from a prestigious university in BSc Psychology. In between all of this I have traveled and studied in Australia for 7 months. Now I am working as a full time professional model and am just about to embark on an indefinite travelling adventure..watch this space.”

When did you first decide to become a professional model?

One of my best friends is also a model and got me into it during my degree. However I didn’t really do much until I graduated and in December last year I decided I would pursue it and now I am full time modelling and I absolutely love it.

Who did/do you look up to in the modelling world?

I’d say I look up to Jessa Hinton the most. She’s beautiful, funny and is absolutely rocking the modelling industry.

Has your family been supportive or not so much?

My family haven’t really been very supportive, but mainly because they all have jobs that are very very different to mine so find it hard to understand.They mainly stay out and don’t really ask about my job, which is fine for me.

What has been the best part of being a model?

Working on some really amazing projects with some absolutely amazing people. I’ve made some really inspiring friends whilst modelling, that I will ensure I’ll stay in touch with no matter where I am in the world. Of course travelling far and wide with my job is just phenomenal.

Do you have big summer plans?

I do indeed. I am going travelling around Europe for three months, then hopefully Asia and back to Australia. I’m really excited for this adventure and all the exciting things that are to come! My life from next week is pretty unknown, which is both scary and unbelievably exciting.

Tell us about your perfect kinda guy. Are you dating him now or waiting for the one?

My perfect guy is someone that is hilarious, wants to adventure, travel the world, caring, ambitious and reliable. A gentleman that treats me really well and goes out of his way to see me..is that too much to ask? I’m not even looking for anyone anymore,when the times right hopefully he will come.If not I’ll have millions of cats.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Trinity Telues.

If I’m shooting,I’ll get up around 8 am, have coffee, shower, get ready, make my way to the shooting venue and shoot from 4-8 hours. After shooting I’ll usually go to gym and see my friends, have a catch up and laugh our heads off about something. Then when I’m home I’ll make myself dinner and catch up on work emails and Instagram.

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