Model: Willa

Where were you born? Same place you were raised?

I was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz California. I still live here and love it more and more everyday, being from a small community you get to meet a lot of people. For that I am grateful, I have met so many different types of people here and I think that’s why I am able to make the connections I do today.

What are your hobbies aside from modeling?

One of my favorite things to do, besides modeling, is yoga. I love the patience and strength it brings me. Other than that I love to ride horses, I have ever since I was three years old. I love the connection between the animal and rider, you have to really understand and trust each other.

Do you go to school or have a career?

I’m not currently going to school, but I am working as a veterinary nurse, saving up money to go through vet tech school! Animals mean a lot to me and I think they are a super important part of people’s lives, that’s why I love helping them. Plus I get to play with kittens and puppies so that’s a plus..

What can you remember about your first shoot ever?

My first shoot ever was only a little over a year ago.. which is crazy to think since I have shot with so many different photographers, makes it feel way longer. From my very first shoot; I remember being super nervous because my best friend had flaked and I had to go meet this random guy in the city who was going to take pictures of me… it turned out to be so amazing that I never stopped. Once I got comfortable in front of the camera I started craving it more and more! It’s a great way for me to get my mind off everything wrong that’s going on in the world.