Dominika Jandl shot by Rod Capon | GlamGirl @dddomini

"Hi VOLO Lovers,  I'm Dominika Jandl from the Czech Republic. I went to Zoologist university because I always loved animals..." - @dddomini

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Model: Dominika Jandl | @dddomini

Photographer: Rod Capon | @rodcapon

GlamGirl Dominika Jandl on VOLOGLAM.COM
Glamour Model Dominika Jandl featured in VOLOGLAM
GlamGirl Dominika Jandl on VOLOGLAM.COM

” Hi VOLO Lovers,  I’m Dominika Jandl from the Czech Republic. I was born and raised in Prague ,September 1988. When I was young my father died so I stayed alone with my mother so we came even close also with my grandmother until today we are in touch every day. I studied and graduate at hair dresser school but I never found a passion for that,so I went to Economic schools what I also finnished then Social care school finnished as well but unfortunately either one of those suits to me. So I went to Zoologist university because I always loved animals,unfortunately after a year I realized it’s not about a care of animals but more about genetics how to make a animals more productive so it’s wasn’t for me. So I decided to do modeling as a main job,see the world and meet people. During that I feel tired to live in a big city so I moved to live with my first love from my young age, in South Bohemia, a small village where I used to spend most of my summer holidays during the elementary school. So now we start to save animals together and helping local shelter… Hopefully one day after I will retire from a modeling I will be able to make my own shelter for farm and also other animals. “


GlamGirl Dominika Jandl on VOLOGLAM.COM

Interview with Dominika

What is your ethnicity? You are so gorgeous!

” Oh thank you 🙂 I am from Czech Republic”

Do you look more like moms side of the family or fathers?

“Yes I look more like my mom :)”

When did you have your first shoot? Who was it with? Tell us about it.

” I had my first photoshoot in 2006 ,with a Czech photographer Martin kinkal for W4B in Prague. My friend Ariel (she start modeling few years before me) she took me just to take a look for her photoshoot and ii end up that I pose together with her 😀 but this was the first serious photoshoot. The really first first one was 3 rolls of film taken by my grandmother when I was 6years old 😂 I changed few costumes and felt like a model. I still have this photos.”

How has modeling changed your life?

“Very much,specially for the opportunity to travel,see the world from different angles. Meet so many interesting and creative people,I couldn’t even explain it.”

Do you have a large support system? Is your family on board?

“Definitely. My whole family are my biggest supporters. Even my 100 years old great grandma,she bought a Playboy mag when I was featured as a Playmate.”

What has been your favorite shoot thus far?

“Well this is difficult to answer,because I had so much great shoots and totally different each other. I always enjoying shooting in a beautiful natur”

Do you ever have issues with haters? If yes, how do you handle them?

“Unfortunately I have that experience,it’s good because it keeps me from taking things super seriously. Sometimes I just send a ironic answer or just ignore them… But sometimes it makes them more angry. I stopped searching for comments on my work because I was hurt sometimes, but the haters always will exist. Unfortunately there are so many haters special when I live in a small place where everyone knows everybody. The people always rather believe the bad stuff and they are not happy when you are successful, which is so sad. But its best to ignore them because in a beginning I try to explain what I was doing etc…. But they never believe me and even start to turns my words against me. So I rather don’t talk about these things with them or try to convince them. No one should tolerate negative people around. Even one time I had issues to handle with a jealous girls from the village where I came from Prague. When they realized that I shoot nudes they wanted to print my photos and put them all over the place.  I just said : Cool, well do it,my family know it,my boyfriend know it,my closest friends know it and the people who don’t know ,it’s a good chance to promote me,so I will walk around with a pen and will sign them all” .. LOL . Then they didn’t do it :D”

What is a typical day in the life of Dominika?

“Haha 😀 do you mean Domini model life or Domini country girl life. It’s really different 😉 One day with no makeup,plastic boots,old big coat and cleaning a chickens house and next day I flying for a fashion photoshoot in Paris. I live in a small village. So if I am at home every morning I need to wake up with a sunrise to let the chickens go out and feed them,then feed dogs,cats,clean theirs places. Make a huge breakfast for me. It also depends on the weather, I really fell in love with herbs and flowers so when I go for walk with a dogs I looking for some plants to cook from them or make a my own cosmetics. But mostly is it simple life take care of animals,take care of house and evening relaxing in a bathtub or sauna and watch Outlander tv series. But with animals it’s not every day the same. Sometimes it’s so hectic, if they are sick or when we rescue some new borne animal who need to be feed every few hours and need a care for 24hrs. But of course I don’t do it alone,I coming from animal lovers family so they always help. “

Do you have any pre-shoot prep rituals?

“Good sleep is a most important for me and I really like to do home spa evening before a shoot to feel nice and relaxed”


Love you all



GlamGirl Nude Model Dominika Jandl on VOLOGLAM.COM
GlamGirl Dominika Jandl on VOLOGLAM.COM

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