Model: Kaitlynn Anderson | @kaitlynnjanderson

Photographer: Shankha |

“I am Kaitlynn, I grew up in many different cities throughout Michigan! From country towns to big cities.. (I’ve always loved the city a little more though..)

I’m actually happy I moved so much, I was able to meet tons of people from all different walks of life.. It really helped me grow into becoming the open and accepting person I am! and I LOVE that! Ever since I was little I’ve always been very driven and independent, my mother raised me to be very strong, passionate, and goal oriented. Which is why I take so many chances and leaps of faith because without taking risks I’ll never be successful like I know I’ll be! Which is what brought me to vegas! I hoped on a one way flight with $600 in my pocket.. and trust me it was not easy at first! Now I’ve been in Las Vegas for 6 months and I’m loving it!

I started modeling after my senior year of high school. It was a hobby more so than a career choice. I always had girls from my high school make fun of me even up until recently, posting Instagram photos, tweeting, and facebooking about how i “thought I was a model” well hey! now I’m published in the #1 artistic nude magazine.. I wonder what they’ll say now! Anywho, I’ve stolen my mothers camera and set it on timer ever since I was 5. I just always knew it was something I enjoyed I love posing, creating art, and just being sexy and fun!


Kaitlynn’s Interview:

Besides modeling what are your passions?

“My biggest passion is definitely the relationships I have with my friends and family. I’m beyond passionate about helping people and being someone to lean on! ( I was suppose to be a social worker / counselor yah know) but other passions would be traveling, designing, and being a creative soul. I’m very dedicated to creating my own brand and designing clothes that I love, that takes a lot of passion :)”

Are you excited for your next VOLO set where you “bare all”?

“Are you kidding?! SO EXCITED! My friends, family, and fans have been waiting for this day almost as much as I have which makes it even more exciting!”

Do you have a “type”? Describe your perfect man and or/date.

“If you look at my dating history and/or “hook up” history you all would be shocked.. I have NO type what so ever (looks wise) ! What I love most about a man is being dedicated to something he loves, that is a BIG one, the passion to peruse your dreams. A man who i can be silly with and will make me laugh is my kind of man! But the BIGGEST traits I look for is effort and a strong love for family and friends.

My perfect date is honestly unknown.. I feel like I wont know my perfect date until I’m taken on a “perfect date”!”


You are certainly going to be covered by many when your VOLO sets launch! Tell us, are you as nice in bed as you are in life or do you have a naughty side?

“haha lets just say I don’t mind a few 50 shades of grey tricks being laid on me here and there.. What’s the bedroom for if its not for experimenting. Oh, sleep..”

Please let us in on one really dirty little secret 🙂

“Well, I’ve always been a little curious to women… I myself have never been with a woman but damn are they hot! Who knows maybe I’ll explore my curiosity a little more in the future! (don’t get all crazy guys I definitely love men) hehe!”