Model: Nienna | @blue.butterfly68

Photographer: Celine Russo | @celinerussophotography

“I am Nienna, I am 31 years old and I am very passionate. Both sensitive and full of fighting spirit, I am driven by my passions and emotions – some times frustrated for not been able to do every thing what I am passionate for, some times highly enjoying the present time I am living. I am a dreamer who tries every day to feed myself with things which makes me vibrating, to move a head with the wind and my passions and mainly to share all this daily. “Happiness only real when shared”. This is what drives me.

As I started to become a model, I was looking for a nickname which was relating to me. I am a big fan of the Elfic world therefor Nienna was an obvious choice for me. Nienna, according to the legend was a character who changed soul sadness into wisdom. As she was teaching compassion and forbearance, her advices were followed by all. She also represents misery, but misery which drives to toughness.

I am someone who is very empathic, who has been forged in some pain. I love the fighting spirit through weaknesses “No pain no gain” is my motto. In life we can reach very little if we don’t fight – as more things are difficult as more we become strong if we decide to do so. As Rocky would said “The sun and the rainbows is not the world!

There are real storms, heavy duties. As tall and strong you are, life will put you on your knees and will keep you permanently in that position if don’t move. You, me or nobody else hits as strong as life does. So it does not matter if you are a good puncher, what is important is to be punched and despite of this to move ahead, it matters to bear the burden without be knocked down – it is like this you will become a winner”. That’s all what the name of Nienna means for me.”


Nienna’s Interview:

Tell us about your upbringing, what kind of kid were you?

“I grew up in a quite modest environment with average resources. I learnt in the early days that life is a daily battle and that it is important to fight for our loved ones. I am sensitive, passionate (music, literature, sport, cinema,…) who loves simple things. I love to help people who are need either in my personal life or at my professional work. Basically I am a shy person.

Through modeling, I learnt to open myself to the world. Its social connections and its request to always force you to exceed expectations helped me a lot to fight against my shyness.”

When did you know that you wanted to try a hand at modeling?

“Like a lot of young ladies I have been fascinated by photography as I was watching enviously the models on cover pages of the magazines. They made me dream. Ultimately it was for some other reasons that I step into the modeling world and thus to find some serenity with my self – driven by a kind of personal therapy. I started about 2 years ago. At that time I was full of doubts and was showing severe lack of confidence.

Slowly, I started to enjoy it and realized that this artistic world brings a lot and helps to move positively. It was at this time that I told to myself that I had a great willingness to continue the adventure. Today I want to enjoy this as much as I can while diversifying the projects.”

Who has been your biggest support since making the decision to pursue the craft of modeling?

“Ultimately several different people encouraged me to pursue as a model. It can be a difficult and controversial world, where a lot of people try to make you renounce.

However, the positive feedbacks from my family members, friends, photographers, especially from the man who shares my life, and my passion for this craft encouraged me to ignore the negative side and to keep going while discovering unknow sides of the art and always climb new highs in order to master my passion.”

How do you stay in such great shape?

“Obviously mother nature has been forgiving with me as I am quite as passionate by modelling as by food. I am epicurean and very greedy. I don’t set for myself limits, I enjoy very much junk food, which obviously is a bad habit but which meats my taste. However, I practice sports activities all as joyful as powerful to keep my body in good shape – mainly pole dance and badminton.

I would like to say that the secret of staying in good shape – not a lot privation while practicing enjoyable sports activities, while staying in good mood and keeping smiling.”

What is your favorite after shoot snack?

“After a shoot I love to eat a pack of chicken chips followed by M&M’s. These are the old weaknesses of mine – enough to hate myself but such a great delight.”

Are you an early bird or night owl?

“I rather would say that I am a night owl – I don’t like to wake up early in the morning, I rather prefer to stay awake late at night after a good day of work in order to do what I like to do and to enjoy to my loved ones.”

What do you wear to bed?

“A simple and light home wear for the night makes me feel comfortable like in cozy cocoon.”

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Nienna.

“Oh I would say that my typical day is similar than the one of most of the people – subway / work / sleep. However in between I try as much as I can to manage time to work on my passions – sports, play piano, write poesies accord to the mood of the day. This is according to me the key of happiness – a good portion of recomforting routine mixed with small daily pleasures.