Learn Some Of The Hot Kissing Techniques (Yes, Really!)

This is how guys like it. 👄

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You really would want to employ these sizzling tactics before, during, and after sex to boost your action in the bedroom.

Anyone can French kiss, but can anyone French kiss like you can? Not after you pick up a few Kissing Techniques that will certainly wow your next date. All it takes is a few minutes, and you could have skills that could last you a lifetime.


Kissing is a pastime that never gets old. You may have your lip-locking skills down pat, but you might want to try new things. Read these techniques to pep up your love life...

Here are some of the Bad Girl Kissing Tricks That Will Drive Him Crazy……….

  1. 1 The Aggressive Kiss

    If your significant other leans in for a quick smooch, but you’re in the mood for something more, surprise him by turning his peck into a long, deep, sensual kiss. 

    He’ll get your message loud and clear.

  2. 2 The Butterfly Kiss

    This playfully innocent gesture is great for children, significant others, or just goofing around with friends. Bring your faces so close together that your eyelashes touch, then bat your eyes at each other. The lash-on-lash feeling is meant to imitate butterfly wings and symbolize the fluttering sensation in your heart. 💓💓

  3. 3 The Biting Kiss

    Gently nibble your partner’s bottom lip to add some spice to your next kissing session. Or, after several soft, sensual kisses, give his bottom lip a playful bite because the sharp contrast of this new sensation will invigorate him. 

    "Men like to be bitten – the lower lip, the earlobe. Men need extra stimulation”

  4. 4 The Crush Kiss

    Kissing a crush for the first time can be exhilarating. 

    To send him to the moon, keep this kiss inviting by being demure. Begin with a gentle, close-mouthed kiss with your arms around his neck or waist, then slowly open your mouth.

    The key is to leave him wanting more, so don’t use your tongue. 

    Pull away before your lingering kiss turns into a make-out session but hold him for a few moments longer. You’ll both be seeing stars! ✨✨💖

  5. 5 The Earlobe Kiss

    To really steam up your next kissing session, slowly move your lips over to your partner’s ear. Gently nibble, suck or bite his earlobe. Breathe through your nose and exhale softly into his ear. 

    The waft of warm air will make his whole body tingle. Just don’t linger too long in this area; a little ear action can go a long way!

  6. 6 The French Kiss

    Perhaps the most famous of all kisses (and the one most often poorly executed), the French kiss is all about the tongue action. What’s the secret to a good French kiss? 

    "Be responsive to your partner’s motions. Don’t force your motions or tongue on your partner,”. Take your cue from him and “respond gently or aggressively as you see fit.”

    Breathe through your nose, and feel free to take breaks. 

  7. 7 The Icy Kiss

    Play with kissing your partner by putting a piece of ice in your mouth, kissing him, and passing the ice to him with your tongue. 

    Or try the same thing with a powerful breath mint. This cold variation of the French kiss can really heat up your night.

  8. 8 The Sensual Kiss

    These nerve-packed zones deserve a little lip service.

    The neck is full of delicate nerve endings, and kisses on the neck are sure to send a tingling sensation through your partner’s body. 

    When things are getting hot and heavy, move your kisses to your partner’s neck. 

    Gently suck or nibble on one area or cover the entire neck with kisses. 

    Have him do the same to you. 

    "Neck kisses are a woman’s favorite.”

  9. 9

    Take his pointer finger into your mouth, and suck on it in the same way that you would suck on his member, moving your mouth up and down the entire length in slow, even motions. Then watch his eyes roll back in his head.

  10. 10 The Erotic Kiss

    Put Your Mouth Here Too!

    A guy's pecs (CHEST) can be as sensitive as your breasts are, but they're too often ignored. Send chills through his bod by licking around the areolae, gently blowing them dry, and sucking his nipples.


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So here we are learned some hot kissing techniques.
Just remember: Relax, regardless if it’s your first kiss or your 500th. 
Enjoy the moment.…………. and don’t forget to breathe.

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