Kaitlynn Anderson

Kaitlynn Anderson was the whole reason the #VOLO team planned a trip to Vegas. We absolutely HAD TO shoot this gorgeous woman! We were so pleased that Kaitlynn was as lovely as she was inside as she was outside- truly an unforgetable shoot.

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“I grew up in many different cities throughout Michigan! From country towns to big cities.. (I’ve always loved the city a little more though..) I’m actually happy I moved so much, I was able to meet tons of people from all different walks of life.. It really helped me grow into becoming the open and accepting person I am! and I LOVE that! Ever since I was little I’ve always been very driven and independent, my mother raised me to be very strong, passionate, and goal oriented. Which is why I take so many chances and leaps of faith because without taking risks I’ll never be successful like I know I’ll be! Which is what brought me to vegas! I hoped on a one way flight with $600 in my pocket.. and trust me it was not easy at first! Now I’ve been in Las Vegas for 6 months and I’m loving it!
I started modeling after my senior year of high school. It was a hobby more so than a career choice. I always had girls from my high school make fun of me even up until recently, posting Instagram photos, tweeting, and facebooking about how i “thought I was a model” well hey! now I’m published in the #1 artistic nude magazine.. I wonder what they’ll say now! Anywho, I’ve stolen my mothers camera and set it on timer ever since I was 5. I just always knew it was something I enjoyed I love posing, creating art, and just being sexy and fun!”

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