Model: Kalham Amor | @KalhamAmor

Photographer: Korin | @theurbanjungle

Make up Artist: Jazzy Baptiste | @sweetkingjazzybaptiste

Kalham Amor is a 23 year old model of Indian descent from Texas that has appeared in multiple publications, both online and in print. Kalham Amor describes herself as an egalitarian and lists wanting to make others realize that people are not defined by what they wear as one of the many messages she wants to convey in her work.

With her bold style, outspoken statements, and unique, natural beauty, Kalham Amor is a rising star that is sure to revolutionize the industry for Indian women everywhere.

Kalham Amor’s Interview:

What inspired you to be a model?

“When I was younger, I used to watch the large beauty pageants such as Miss Universe and wish I could be beautiful like them. I grew up thinking that I was ugly so I wanted to feel beautiful & models were seen as “beautiful” so I always wanted to be a model.

Eventually, people kept telling me I should model, and I would tell them I wanted to but wasn’t tall enough. I did enough research and learned that petite women can also model in certain genres so I decided to pursue it eventually.

What kind of modeling do you do most of?

“I hate categorizing myself as a glamor model as I hate the traditional glamor style, but for the lack of better word, I guess I am a glamor model. I shoot mostly swimwear nowadays. I shoot a lot of implieds as well, but mostly swimwear now. I prefer to shoot creative concepts in beautiful locations rather than studio work. Most of my revenue comes from being hired for projects though.”

Who are your biggest supporters?

“My biggest supporters are myself and my boyfriend as well as some of my photographer friends. My boyfriend helps me with my projects, helps me with my social media, and has learned to assist with lights at photoshoots.

My photographer friends push me to go harder when my depression is acting up and I’m feeling down. Some of my followers are great and show a lot of support, but for the most part, I would say that I am my biggest supporter.”

Do you ever deal with cyber bullying or mean girls in the industry?

“I have dealt with a lot of cyber bullying. People hate on me a lot in photo or live comments on Instagram and say that I’m ugly, too skinny, that I am not a real model, that I should kill myself etc. I’ve gotten multiple DMs saying that I am “nothing but fap material” and that I am worthless as a model because “everything is already out there”.

People have gone as far as to watching when I am away from my phone at a photo shoot & trying to hack me. People steal my photos and impersonate me a lot as well. I have been hacked, threatened, impersonated, & harassed multiple times. Blocking haters hasn’t helped me because they tend to make new accounts just to lash out on me. It’s really discouraging sometimes because I did nothing to deserve this, but I suppose it’ll only get worse as I become more successful so if I want to do this full time, I need to get used to it.”

What can you remember about your first photoshoot?

“I remember posing based on what I had seen in photos in magazines, online, and on America’s Next Top Model. I probably took longer to switch through poses back then than I do now!”

Do you have any big plans modeling wise for the rest of 2017?

“I would really like to be featured in one of the larger magazines, whether it’s online or in print. I have had an online feature with Playboy Italy so I would like to do something else with a Playboy International publication. I would also like to release more of my personal photobook projects, which I have been working on this past year.”

If you had the chance to help a cause, which would it be?

“Mental health is a very personal cause for me as I suffer from major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder. I would love to help reform how patients suffering from mental illness are treated in psych wards and raise more awareness so more people can get the help they need. I want to help fight against the stigma that is surrounded by mental illness.”

Please tell us about a day in the life of Kalham Amor.

“I graduated college in December 2016, and I am modeling full time now so my day is full of things pertaining to my modeling career.

I usually wake up around 8:30 AM or 9, have breakfast, take care of my dogs, edit videos, respond to emails, get ready for a photo shoot if I have one that day, and then come back home and eat dinner then FaceTime my boyfriend and go to sleep.”

Have any beauty tips to share?

“I don’t wear makeup unless I have a photoshoot so I think that contributes to having decent skin. I use a cleansing pad to wipe my face with every morning after I wake up. I drink a lot of water, don’t drink any soda or juice, and eat fairly healthy. My skincare and hair care routines are not exactly extensive, but I’m working on them!”

What is your secret to staying in such flawless shape?

“I work out and eat healthy! I eat a vegetarian diet for the most part and avoid complex carbs such as bread and white rice. I drink a lot of water and drink a lot of tea as it helps with digestion. I juice fast if I ever feel bloated & do small detoxes if I feel the need to!”

Kalham Amor

Photographer’s Note:

“As creatives, we have to make the best out of whatever we have and do anything for the shot, and that’s exactly what we did!”