Kate Kasyanova | @kaciaryna_ri
Victoria Tymoshenko | @victoria_tymoshenko

Photographer: Radoslaw Pujan | @radoslawpujan

Kate and Victoria
Victoria’s Interview:

“Hi! I am Victoria and I had lived in Ukraine, in Odessa until I was sixteen. Since then I have lived in Poland. I have finished three fields of study. Posing for photohraphs is my hobby. I take part only in selected artistic sessions. I mainly cooperate with artists-friends who respect Victoria’s opinions.”

Best regards,
Victoria Tymoshenko

Where were you born? Same place you were raised?

“I was born and raised in Odessa (Ukraine) by the Black sea. Born and raised at the beach…

What are your hobbies aside from modeling?

“I am a sensitive and romantic person. I love reciting poems (also in public). I love Russian poetry, especially by Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Gippius, Asadov.

Do you go to school or have a career?

“My occupation is managing a real estate property. I also have a two years old ”child” and I put all my heart and time into it.

I create transformers – timeless clothing items which can be worn in various ways.

Nowadays we live more and more intensively and we are still short of time. I would like to make women’s life easier and make them aware that the style is something more than following fashion trends blindly.

What can you remember about your first shoot ever?

“I have been an artist since I was a child. I was ”a star” at each party in my kindergarten,
then at school and university. I was not really beautiful but my strong sides were my sense of humour and being open…

My first shoot took place in primary school, at the stage. I played a role of Malvina, Buratino’s girlfriend (it’s Russian Pinochio). I was absolutely sure that I looked amazing, but the real effect was damaged by white tights rippled on my knees and slackened in the crotch :).

Who is your biggest supporter?

“The person who supports me a lot is my sister. She is two and a half years younger than me. Our age difference was a meaningful gap between us when we were children. We used to quarrel and sometimes even we got into fights. Now she is the most important person for me and we never raise our voice when we talk to each other.”

What do you have to say to body shame/haters?

“You have to love yourselves…”

What would you say about Victoria’s best and worst feature?

“Perfection is my best and worst feature at the same time. I assume I don’t have to say much about advantages of striving after perfection. However, a big disadvantage of it is the fact that I do not only demand maximum from myself but also from others, which must be irritating and very tiring for them.”

Do you like to travel? If yes, where have you been? And where are you planning to take off to next?

“I love travelling although I don’t have much time for it. I have been to most of European countries and I fell in love with Italy. I would like to visit Cuba in the nearest future.

Single or ready to get out n’ mingle?

“I have been single not too long ago.”

What is one sure way to winning Victoria’s heart?

“One must be a good person, not only declaring it, but also in his deeds.”

Kate’s Interview:

“Hello, I am Kate Ri – international nude model, currently based in Poland. I was born in Belarus, get the education as a culturologist and was working in different places before modeling, but all my jobs were connected with communication to many people, organizing and managing of various cultural projects.

As a hobby, my first shooting came when I am 19 years old, I started professional modeling in the age of 22. Before that I was working as a guide, so for me travelling was never a big deal.

Now I spend in modelling tours at least 3 weeks each month and just a few days a month I can be found at home. Most of the time I work with nude art and boudoir styles.”

Did you always dream of becoming a model?

“No. I knew that i am quite tall for a girl but that’s it. I was sure that with such a wide hips like I have and with such a small breasts like I have, and with a scar on belly, and bla-bla-bla… you could never be a model. So I was planning a serious intellectual job in the museum as a guide.

But then, totally unexpected, I was invited by one photographer to the photo-meeting, and that’s how all things started.”

What has been your favorite shoot so far?

“It is impossible to pick just one. And that’s what I like a lot about my job. In every country, I have lots of wonderful memories about shootings and people with whom I worked with. For example, right now I am in Paris, yesterday I had a nice street shooting in one of my favorite parts of the city.”

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Kate.

“I live a bit upside down. When I am at work” – during my modeling travel, my life is totally messy and hardly predictable – almost every day I wake up (usually quite early) in a new place. But my holidays (3-5 during the month) are looking like super boring normal life, that I enjoy a lot!

So if I have no photoshoot, my typical day starts at 7:00 or a bit earlier. I answer my emails in bed, have breakfast, go to the gym, around 12-13:00 i have my lunch and go outside for shopping, meetings with people or small sightseeing. At 19-20:00 i like to be back home, I am absolutely not a party person. After some more answering emails, reading and posting instagram-facebook stuff, i go to bed a bit before 23.”

Do you have a lover? If yes, please tell us about how you met.

“I am in long time relationship with my career. That is all I can say.”

Do you have plans to travel this summer? If so, where?

“This summer I have been in Belgium, Germany (few times), Italy, Norway, Switzerland (a lot) and Portugal. My next steps till the end of this year are France (twice), Germany, Austria, probably one more time Italy, Denmark, Sweden.”

Vanilla or chocolate?

“Both! And Cinnamon;)”

What is your ethnicity?

“I am Belarusian.”

Do you speak any other languages?

“In Belarus we have two state languages – Belarusian and Russian, also I speak Polish and English. I can understand quite good and can speak a bit of Czech and Ukrainian. Hope I will find time to learn German and maybe French.”

Who are your biggest fans?

“Never thought about that… but I am happy that I have some.”

Do you ever deal with haters? If yes, how do you handle them?

“Just a month ago I got my insta account deleted because of some fake reports. It was hard actually, but fortunately I got my page back.

But in general, I would say I am lucky to almost never meet any hatred or negative. Sometimes but very seldom I can see some stupid comments under my photos, but it is really nothing serious.”