Kati Des-Ferrera by Marc Boily| GlamGirl @theferrera

Kati Des-Ferrera (@theferrera) was born in Toronto and grew up in a small city called Abbotsford just a bit out of Vancouver.

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Model:Kati Des-Ferrera | @theferrera

Photographer: Marc Boily | @marcb_noirblanc


“Hey I’m Kati Ferrera. I am 28 years old, I’m a Libra. Vancouver is home and it is beautiful here. I grew up in a small city called Abbotsford just a bit out of Vancouver and was born in Toronto. My instagram is @theferrera so please make sure to follow me 🙂

Interview with Kati Ferrera

What would your autobiography be called?

Life of Lotus flower. Kati Ferrera autobiography!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I fell up the stairs that other day and landed in front of my cat who looked at me like a I was a idiot lol! 

If you had 24 hours left to live, what’s the one thing you’d do that you wouldn’t dare do today? 

good question! Probably go somewhere tropical and extremely relaxing/claiming! 

Would you rather fight one horse-size duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? why?

 100 duck sized horses. I figure I can take them away!


What is your secret fetish?

I wouldn’t say its a hardcore fetish, but voices definitely make a difference for me. If someone has a nice voice I’m so drawn to them! 

Have you ever showed your boo to a guy you like who is just a friend?

No I haven’t. Most guys want more than just friendship lol

Food before fun or fun before food?

Food before fun! This girl likes to eat!

Does size matter to you?

Size matters depending on the situation. I definitely like a guy who’s tall and somewhat built, but in the below the waist area size doesn’t really matter to be to be honest.

Would you ever role play in bed?

of course! if that’s what would bring excitement to the bedroom then sure!

What is the most odd places you have done it?

Movie theater, super sandy beach (way too sandy), in the woods, back seats and a closet lol!


5 Fun Facts about Kati Ferrera


Hazelnut or pralines and cream or anything with Skor bar. I am absolutely addicted to Skor!!


Hmm… their masculine energy!


When I’m on my back and the guy is standing!


My vibrator!


I tend to say the F word the most out of all the curse words!

Follow her on instagram @theferrera


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143 shares, 285 points
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