Model: Kyla La Rosa | @kylarosa

Photographer: Matthew | @cimiphotography

“Kyra La Rosa. Free soul born in Venezuela. A Girl of many faces. She’s a dentist, a yoga teacher and a model. Living in the big apple New York City. Passion and love drives her life. She loves adventures and big challenges. You can find her walking on the edge of buildings. She makes dreams become reality. Her portfolio is full of diversity and sensuality.

Kyra La Rosa’s Interview:

What kinds of things were you into as a kid?

“I loved nature and animals since I was a little girl. I started practicing classic ballet gymnastics, dance theater and marcial arts when I was 4 years old. Being performing and talking In front of people was one of the things I loved the most.

Were you always happy to have your picture taken?

“Yes always!

What were Kyra La Rosa’s high school years like?

“Where fun and exciting always something new happening around. I was a very good student the first in the honor board on my high school from the first year till my graduation.

I really enjoyed studying and getting good grades that kept me busy and inspired all those years. It was challenging and competitive which Is a big part of my personality.

When did you decide modeling was something you wished to pursue?

“I decided around 2 years ago. I became close to a Friend Who is a photographer. Since The first moment we met we Did a great connection. We both have a very extroverted and creative personality. We started building and creating a whole production behind every shoot. Exploring locations, traveling , looking inspiration, creating ideas to make them reality. We traveled around different cities, beach, mountains. Every day was an adventure creating.

I fell in love with photography and the whole producting behind it. Photography starts with a glimpse of ideas and inspiration Building it into immortal images. Beautiful Art. It was also a big challenge for me because I have not the normal model body type. I’m 5.6 not very tall, my body used to be much more curvy. I was out of the norm. But I decided modeling was something I wanted to pursue. It became my new passion. My new challenge and as I said I love challenges!

I truly Believe that if you believe in yourself, if you hare perseverante, no matter how difficult or impossible may look. You can make it. You can make dreams become reality. Giving up is not an option. Keep going no matter what.

I started changing the way I eat and worked out to shape my body, be slimmer in a healthy way this took time and hard work but I made it, eating a vegan plant based diet. Running, boxing and doing yoga took me to achieve my body goal. The rest is keeping my essence, my light real being kind to others and always Acting from my heart.

What was your first shoot like? How did it come about?

“My first shoot was in a lighthouse on a beautiful beach in Venezuela inspired by the ocean And mermaids. I was wearing a white semitransparent tunic. Was a very artistic and beautiful shoot.”

Who supports you the most in this journey?

“My family. My mom my father and my sisters have always Made me feel that im capable of anything I put my head into.”

Do you have to deal with haters? If yes, how do you handle it?

“Actually I had just a few coments very little times. But is not a big deal for me, even if they were more. Many years ago I dropped a big weight from my shoulders. Judgement. For others and to myself. We are millions of people in this world. We all have different opinions And point of views. That’s what make us Individuals beings. It’s impossible to like the same. I respect others opinions. But I keep myself away from negative energies. I take the positive and I just let go what doesn’t help me to grow or to be better.”

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Kyra La Rosa. 🙂

“I wake up early on my week days. First thing After waking up . I seat to meditate for 15min. Then I drink my hot water with lemon.

I put Music on prepare my breakfast which is normally fruit salad. While I’m having breakfast, I check my phone read and answer emails. Then I take a shower and go out to the gym which is not very far from my apartment. I do cardio in the treadmill 60min. Then circuits of functional exercises and abs. Or I take a boxing class. After the gym i have a green smoothie. I take the subway and go down to my yoga school where I teach and I do my daily 2 hours yoga practice. When the weather is good I like walk around Manhattan to do my errands.

Some afternoons, I teach privates yoga clases or I have photoshoots. Night time, If I’m staying at home, I make a vegan diner, read a good book and catch up with work. If I go out, i’d go exploring new vegan restaurants and lounges in the city never missing a good glass of red wine.

What are some pre-shoot rituals you have to help make a shoot go as smooth as possible?

“It’s very important to have a good sleep the night before the shoot. I put my mind into a fresh mood, open to bring inspiration and passion to performance.”

Where do you find most of your inspiration when it comes to your creativity?

“I find it everywhere depending in my mood, nature and the weather. Traveling has always been very inspiring to me. The books I’m reading, artists that i admire and follow, walking around Manhattan because is so much variety of escenarios and people.”

Kyra La Rosa

Photographer’s Note:

“This set is full of passion and sensuality created with a game of colors and shadows drawing the curves of Kyra La Rosa modeling luxury lingerie for my Lens. One Casual afternoon in New York City Playing with colors and shadows, Kyra La Rosa made my lens to fall inlove with her passion and sensuality.”