Model: Olga-Maria Veide | @olgamaria_veide

Photographer: Paolo Prisco | @paolopriscophotographer

I was born 19 August 1997 in Lemberg(Ukraine).My grandfather was originally from Estonia and that’s why my nickname is Veide. My grandmother is ex-actress and she wanted me to be an actress too . That’s why I was visiting theatre school for 2 years but didn’t really like it .Also I was into equestrianism and extreme sport.Now I am studying Greek and Latin at the university and combine it with my shootings all around the world.

Where are you originally from? Tell us a bit about your life as a child.

I am originally from west region of  Ukraine.As a child I was very modest and a bit “out of society ” because my interests were different from interests of my schoolmates.

What kind of kid were you in school? Were you popular?

In the high shool I became popular because I was not afraid to wear sexy clothes and a bright  make-up despite school rules.

Do you have time to date? Are you in love?

I have a great happiness to be in love now and i really appreciate it ,because in such a dynamic rhythm of life is not easy to find your right person who approves of you do and always supports.We inspire each other and when he shoots me ,I feel that only a loving man can create something really worthy of calling “masterpiece”.

What is a typical day like in the life of Olga-Maria Veide?

Usually I am fully booked but when I have free time I devote my time to visiting museums in new cities ,reading esoteric and psychological books.Also I meditate a lot and listen to mantras as fas as I am very interested in Indian philosophy.

When did you decide that modeling was your passion?

It took me quite a while to understand that photography is my passion,I could not realize myself as a model.When I met a model scout from Sweden and got involved in this all ,I understood that photography is a perfect sphere to express your feelings which you can t usually show in everyday life.Also ,modeling is a great opportunity to meet people which make you look at the world from different aspects and enrich your experience.

Do you have big plans for the rest of 2017?

I have a lot of big plans for 2017 and the biggest one is to organise a big shooting  tour around Europe visiting all my favourite countries.

What sorts of creative projects can we expect to see from you in the near future?

In the nearest future I am planning to improve myself more and more as a model and also I would like to try myself as a photographer.I want  to feel the opposite side of photography and discover all its secrets.I have images in my mind which I  would like to display  as a scene from a film in the frame of photo.I hope that soon you can enjoy the first results!