VOTE NOW: Oscars 2018 Best Picture Nominations: From “Call Me By Your Name” to “Get Out”, 9 contenders so far.

VOLOGLAM readers vote on the best picture nominations for Oscars 2018. This is a user ranked list of the 9 movies including 'Get Out' and 'Call Me By Your Name'

This year’s Oscar nominations are all over the place, offering honors equally to the good, the bad, and the ugly. It only occasionally happens that the year’s best movie is among the nominees for Best Picture, and this is one of those years, with “Get Out” on the list of nine. Also included, are three stodgy history-hits, plus the airless romance-slash-real-estate prospectus “Call Me by Your Name.” The garishly vain and ludicrous “The Shape of Water,” and the obliviously repugnant “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” along with two other movies that are in fact among the year’s best, “Lady Bird” and “Phantom Thread.”


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  1. Eva

    With only one feature credit to his name, director Jordan Peele has also established a singular voice on timely issues of race in Get Out -- something that already has new Academy members talking!

  2. Eva

    A story about the freedom of the press reporting on the classified documents regarding the 30-year involvement of the United States government in the Vietnam War, could not be timelier given the current political situation and the relevance.    

  3. Eva

    The black comedy about anger and forgiveness is one you cannot skip from your ‘must watch movie list!’

  4. Eva

    Luscious but chilly! It turns out Oldman faces another threat, who should have the front-runner quaking in his boots: Daniel Day-Lewis (“Phantom Thread”). Day-Lewis has already won three Oscars out of five past nominations, and his film just picked up a slew of surprise nominations. Is this race closer than we thought?

  5. Eva

    The other side of the Dunkirk coin -- Joe Wright's drama tells the story from Winston Churchill's vantage point -- Darkest Hour contains the ‘performance of the year’ in Gary Oldman.

  6. Eva

    Dunkirk is a filmmaker’s film if there ever was one. The sort of movie practically everyone in the Academy cannot help but admire for its sheer scale and scope. The question will be whether Nolan’s latest epic will once again stick to winning only in the technical categories or if he can finally claim a win for one of the top awards of the night.

  7. Eva

    Another LGBTQ romance could follow in its wake. Call Me By Your Name is about a teenager (Timothée Chalamet) who forms a passionate bond with an older man (Armie Hammer). Can’t miss watching it!

  8. Eva

    A special movie with genre mashup that combines old Hollywood with science-fiction and is anchored by Sally Hawkins wonderful performance as a mute custodian who falls in love with a sea creature. The plaudits are deserved, must say it!

  9. Eva

    A movie with rave reviews, darn likeability and exquisitely directed and performed. Can it get any better?

  10. 10


    So, sit back, relax and pop the champagne, for your favorites frontrunners are about to win the Oscars.

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