Patricia Gebauer shot by Robert Muller | GlamGirl @patricia_gebauer

"I started modeling in summer 2015, but my very first shoot I had in September 2009, there I fall in love with being in front of a camera, feeling free to be yourself. Unfortunately it took me at least 6 years to make the step to continue where I started in 2009." - @patricia_gebauer

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Model: Patricia Gebauer | @patricia_gebauer

Photographer: Robert Muller | @dechristel_photo

Interview with Patricia

When did Patricia began modeling?

“I started modeling in summer 2015, but my very first shoot I had in September 2009, there I fall in love with being in front of a camera, feeling free to be yourself. Unfortunately it took me at least 6 years to make the step to continue where I started in 2009.”

What has been one of the biggest struggles with this new journey?

“The biggest struggle is to defend your modeling in front of your family and friends. At this point you realize that in case you are very alone on this planet.
Only your real friends, from deep down of theirs heart stay behind you and give support, protect you from all the haters, specially when you do nude stuff.”

What are some of the best rewards thus far as a model?

“The best rewards for me is the big smile of the photographer looking in his camera then looking at me and I know: I did an absolutely stunning job.

Money is not important for me, it’s just for paying your bills! I want great pics, and I and my Photographers put all our energy in it to get a great result. And as we can see, I get printed in this great magazine, best reward.”

Were you always an active girl? Is martial arts a lifelong passion?

“Ohhhhh yesss, I started as a child with exercises, ballet, riding, dancing and kept all over my life my sportive side. In 2013 I found my passion in Muay Thai (martial arts), became in 2014 a fighter and won 2015 the Bavarian championship in Muay Thai Amateur. I train in the Best Club in Munich ‘Sport Club Sendling’ with the Great Günter Scheller as my Trainer. Now 2017 I am a Trainer as well in Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing.”

Tell us about who you were in high school and what is some advice you wish you could have given your younger self?

“I did my graduation from high school in Ulm and my advice to my younger self: Don’t be mad about the stuff you have to learn for your tests, because you think it is sooooo much! Damn Business Studies will kill you!”



Do you have a big support system? Who are your biggest fans?

“My closest friends are my support, especially my Sportclub, we are one close family, the fighters, the trainers and we stay always behind each other, like the musketeers. My biggest Fan? I think the closest photographer I work with, because they can’t stop shooting with me.”

What sort of stuff can we expect to see from you in 2018?

“In 2018 there will be a Book Release from on of my closest Photographers Thorsten Bitter. It shows my development in two years of modeling with all the facets of my personality. Then some exhibition are planned for example one by Martin Dürr.”

What was your very first shoot like? Who was the photographer?

“My very first shoot was 2009 with the great Ammy Berent and it was stunning. If I now see the pictures, I really regret that I didn’t start to modeling after this shooting.

So you like cars? 🙂 Tell us about being a BMW Motorrad.

“I love cars, motorcycles, everything which is fast and beautiful. BMW motorcycles are great bikes and the best choice for driving safe. Highest standards and quality, and it’s a Bavarian Munich Brand!

But my Big Love goes to my Black Beauty a Corvette C3, 1978, V8. The sound, the smell of oil and gasoline, the perfect imperfection when you drive, looking for temperature, hear the engine if everything is ok, feel the jerk when you drive between 1500 and 2500.”

What do you have to say to any haters out there?

“Fuck YOU! Be happy with your own life and don’t waste your time with bad emotions.”



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102 shares, 299 points

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