Model: Ekaterina | @katja_kalinina_fit

Photographer: Rodion Tyurikov | @2urikov

“I am Ekaterina, Katja Kalinina , 35 years old, Russian fitness bikini competitor and fitness model. I was born in South of Russia at the Black Sea area. At the age of 20, I move to USA lived there for 12 years and now live in Moscow.

At the moment I am fitness trainer and prepare to go to Europe for WBFF competition . I love to dance and study in Television and theater school at the moment.”

(Ekaterina) Katja Kalinina’s Interview:

When did you begin modeling? What can you remember about your first shoot?

“I started modeling when I lived in USA , like a lingerie model, but it wasn’t creative work. First creative shoots I started doing in Russia with Rodion and it was amazing. I had complete freedom of expression.

The photoshoots for me are mostly self-expression anyways . There were no do this and do that. The mood decides the theme of the photos. Sometimes it’s raw and aggressive, sometimes they’re sexy and soft but it’s always a flow.


 Do you have any big modeling plans for 2017?

“My plan is to get on the actual cover of any magazine. It wood be a kind of proof to myself that I accepted myself. And not what people want me to be. Here in Russia, there is a lot of stereotypes about looks and brains.”

Who were your role models growing up?

“Role models?.. Hmm. She is a strong, independent woman who wouldn’t follow the rules, who is a leader not a follower, did her own thing and one who does not loose their personality… I would say one persona who made her mark in my character was Mata Hari.”

Your figure is killer! What are some of your signature fitness moves/rules?

“I don’t have specific moves, but I train 5 days a week and always listen to my body. I try to separate workout and splits. Different days, different parts of the body. Of course, my favorite is the lower body workout. Squats and dead lifts. My diet is a balance, I don’t cut out anything and adore sweets. But I am very active, so it helps to stay in shape.”


What made you want to be a VOLOGlam Girl?

“Well, “VOLO” it is a name and it has original vibes in their way of presenting people to the world and to be a vologirl it’s a payout for my work and definitely in tune with my vision.”

What has been your biggest publication to date?

“Playboy Russia.”