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Anastasia (@anastasia_g.mood) is one of those effervescent models who can spontaneously combust...

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Model: Anastasia G.| @anastasia_g.mood

Photography: Liborio Cappello | @liborio_photography

Hot Russian Model - Anastasia G - VOLOGLAM Interview

VOLOGLAM interview with Anastasia G.

Hello Anastasia, how are you doing today?

Hey! Actually, I am very “hot” today 😉 I was on my training and straight after 20 min in solarium, so it´s really hot for me now. Hope my shoot will be also so hot for you 😉

How is the weather where you are right now?

Now it is rainy, but normally it is very nice here. Erfurt is a very beautiful and cozy town in the middle of Germany.

This is your second GLAM feature. How does it feel to be a GLAMGIRL?

It is pretty nice. I think, to be Volo it is not only to look sexy on pics, but also to have an attitude, that fits. Maybe because of that, I am already second time here 😉

Tell us about this photoshoot

This was a lil bit spontaneous, but me and Libo (the photographer) are, like Russians say, “on the same wave”. We understood each other so good, that we straight decide to create something for Volo. That was really nice! The funny fact is, that I am Russian, and the photographer is Italian, and we shot in Germany. So, it is totally multicultural 🙂

What kind of music gets you into the shooting mood?

It depends on with kind of shoot it should be. But music should be every time! I every time sing and dance with the music during a shoot, my photographers already know it and can only laugh 🙂

What kind of music helps you get in the shooting mood?

It really depends on my mood and the energy level on the set. Sometimes I like a slow gentle beat that’s barely perceptible and kinda just hangs in mid-air and other times maybe an upbeat techno soundtrack from old school Tiesto that really gets things moving.

Tell us some pre shooting dos and dont’s that you follow for the best results.

Good and easy communication is the main thing during preparation! If I don’t feel comfortable during pre-shooting communication, I would rather cancel the shoot. I trust my intuition and maybe because of this I have never had any big problems during shootings.


Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Shower Set in VOLOGLAM
Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Shower Set in VOLOGLAM
Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - in the shower in VOLOGLAM

Nude Russian Model - Anastasia G - in VOLOGLAM
Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Shower Set in VOLOGLAM

VOLOGLAM interview with Anastasia G. Cont’d

What do you think is your best asset?

I am a very positive and easy person. My photographers and friends like it very much. Actually, me too 🙂 . 

Do you drink? What is your poison?

Come on, I come from Russia: 🙂 🙂 🙂 Haha! No, I don´t drink Vodka; :=) I really like what Germans call “Weißweinschorle”, this is white wine with soda. It is pretty tasty, and you can drink a lot of it and don’t become drunken. If I drink, I drink to enjoy and not to become drunken 🙂

Would you say you are kinky or vanilla – in bed (wink)?

For sure kinky. I am very loud, emotional and sometimes it is too much of me 🙂

Do you have a signature scent?

Nope, I don’t use any perfume. I think (and I have been told) that I smell very nice… Naturally!

Describe your ideal partner.

Sense of humour! That’s the main thing! He has to be gentleman, but not in bed 😉 And he should can say “No” to me. It is really very hard, haha ;D.

What would be a perfect romantic getaway for you?

Time on the Ocean cost, with a van, my man, my cat and good wine (or “Weißweinschorle” ;D).

Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Bathroom Glamour Set in VOLOGLAM
Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Bathroom Glamour Set in VOLOGLAM
Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Bathroom Glamour Set in VOLOGLAM

5 Fun Facts about Anastasia


(I like many)









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Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Bathroom Glamour Set in VOLOGLAM
Sexy Russian Model - Anastasia G - Bathroom Glamour Set in VOLOGLAM

About the Photographer:

“My name is Liborio Cappello, I’m 36 Years old and I am originally from Italy and live in Solingen, Germany. In my mean Job I’m working as a Sales Representant and Key Account Manager for two Sneaker Labels in Germany. Two years ago I started to photograph people with a dslr camera.
My style is really not easy to describe. 
Over the time I grew up slowly in photography and met many new models and people that were never before in front of camera to do a great shot.
Photographers like Peter Lindberg, Brandon Woelfel, Kai Böttcher, Paul Ripke are Inspiration for me. But even more important is the inspiration I get from conversations with the models. Life Stories I try to transmit in the pictures. 
Everything started as a hobby, meanwhile it has become a second job for me”

Follow me on instagram at: @liborio_photography

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