Stoned Paper Scissors: Best Weed Games Ever

Now that Californians are taking it real easy with legal weed and such, here are some tips to get some FUN games on!

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Weed games are like cannabis slang: there are a lot of them and they can be pretty creative. Plus, they are a great way of getting you flying sky-high really fast and spend a fun time with your friends.

“But which games to choose? And which strains?”

So, after pulling together the thoughts and opinions of the masses, what follows is a brief rundown of quite simply the best stoner games of all time.

So here are some games to have fun with Mary James! Cheers to being stoned.


  1. 1 Greenjack


    Basically, blackjack with weed as the reward. Player(s) closest to 21 in each hand gets a toke or two.

  2. 2 Strip Choker


    Strip Choker requires that everyone has their own weed, so plan accordingly. Other than that, the rules are simple. All players take a hit at the same time and hold it in. The first person to let their smoke out (be it by coughing or exhaling in any way) takes off a piece of clothing.

  3. 3 Bong Pong


    This weed game is similar to beer pong but the reward is bud instead of beer. But feel free to make up your own rules for an added bit of stoner fun.

  4. 4 Never Have I Ever


    Gather everyone together and make sure there’s enough ganja to go around. Roll a few joints, pack a few bongs, or have some blunts standing at the ready in clockwise, counter-clockwise, zig zag around the room, whatever just to get the game started.

  5. 5 Video Games


    This weed game is self-explanatory. Pick your favourite video game—Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart work well—and play until there’s a winner. Winner gets to take a puff from the bong while the others must watch (So annoying right!). Play again. Alternatively, the winner could get 2, 3, or 4 puffs while the loser(s) only get one. Fun isn’t it.

  6. 6 Medusa


    Sit in a circle with your cannabis at the ready. Everyone puts their head down or just looks at their feet (Pretty fun stoned, right! Just kidding …HaHaHa). On the count of three, everyone looks up and stares at another player. If you’re looking at someone who ISN’T looking at you, you’re safe. If you’re looking at someone who IS looking at you all stoned, shout “Medusa!”, fire up your joint, and take a hit.

  7. 7 Weed Jenga


    This requires a bit of planning and prep beforehand, but you can make a game out of that too. You’ll need a permanent marker and a box of Jenga blocks. Get plenty high and then write rules on some or all of the Jenga blocks. You can skip the get high part (although why you would, I don’t know) but you still have to write rules. Rules like, “take two hits” or “close your eyes for the rest of the game” work well. Get creative and have fun (that’s why the get high part first).

    When you’ve finished writing the rules, assemble the Jenga tower and play as normal. When a player pulls a block, they have to do what it says. When the tower collapses, the person responsible has to watch while everyone else takes a puff on their joint or blunt. That’s the basics, but you can make up your own rules to make the game more interesting.

  8. 8 Ash Bomber


    Of all the stoner games, this one is guaranteed to generate excitement and anguish among the participants. You’ll need a few supplies:

    •  Wide-mouth jar or cup
    • Sheet of toilet paper, tissue paper, or rolling paper
    • Penny
    • Rubber band
    • Joint or blunt (not a bong or pipe)

    Cover the opening of the jar with paper. Secure around the rim with a rubber band. Put the coin in the center of the tissue paper; light the joint. Each person takes a toke, holds the smoke in, burns a hole in the paper, passes, the joint, then exhales. Players must burn a hole in the paper each time they take a toke. The person who makes the coin fall is the loser; what that means is up to the participants, but one good “punishment” is making them roll the next joint out of their stash.

  9. 9 Hold Your Smoke (Taxi)


    Just as the name of this weed game says, the point is to hold your smoke as long as possible. The simple version is: take a hit and hold it in, pass the ganja to the next person, exhale your smoke when the MJ makes it back around to you. That’s it!

  10. 10 Wheel Of Weed Game


    This one is perhaps the most prep-heavy although we have heard rumours that an electronic version might be up for sale soon. You’ll need something that spins easily like a spinner from a board game (Twister?) to make this work. Label the spinner with the following tasks: Smoke, Joke, Pass the Toke, 420, Truth, Dare, Spin Again or anything else you’d like to add after being stoned!

    It would be a fun game to see who gets what at the end of the spin after getting super stoned.

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14 shares, 275 points
Nidhi Gohel

Nidhi is the Babe writer who lives to read bitches and talk shit. Her savagery and humor might piss you off, but next thing you know, you're following her on Instagram and Twitter for more of her bullshit. The library is open, heaux.
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