The Mechanics – By TOMEK TOMKOWIAK

Concept & Photography:

Tomek Tomkowiak


Wioleta Budnik-Juhlke


Zuzanna Chyba

Monika Wojtunik


Make-up: Klaudia Kaka Klimowicz

Outfitter: Laloux

Fashion Stylist: Orushka

Assistant: Lukasz Ratajak

Shoot Coordination For VOLOGLAM: Marta Dzialynska


_9180407_cen okladka

Zuzanna Chyba

Zuzanna Chyba (center in group) is one of Europe’s upcoming supermodels. She was on the cover of our parent magazine (VOLO) on issue #14, an issue that broke all previous subscription records for the magazine.

Being the model on our most successful cover, its only natural that it was an unanimous decision to launch VOLOGLAM with Zuzanna as part of our launch issue cover.


5 Facts about Zuzanna Chyba

Favorite Activity: Go Kart Racing

Favorite Shoot: Liqui Molly Calendar

Favorite Car: BMW 335i

Favorite Man: Tall, Dark Hair & Blue Eyes

Favorite Fitness Activity: Biking & Swimming

Follow her at: zuzanna.chyba.public

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5 Facts About Wioleta

Favorite Activity: Sports & Being a Mum

Favorite Shoot: VOLOGLAM with TOMEK

Favorite Car Brand: JAGUAR

Favorite Man: The Husband

Favorite Modeling Type: Lingerie & Swimwear

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