VOLO GLAM 1502 – Mar/Apr 2015

A big thanks to all readers from the team here at VOLO Magazine, we are speechless and incredibly blessed by the support and welcome we have received from our readers… VOLOGLAM rose to be among the top mens magazines on the Zinio newsstand within 15 days of our first issue and we appreciate your support tremendously.

Your support has pushed us to do better and we are on our way to adding more valuable content into this magazine for our all subscribers. This issue features coverage of mens fashion from the top fashion weeks of this season and also a new column showcasing the finest watches in the business. VOLOGLAM will be the only guidebook you need in your arsenal to be on top of your personal styling…. But that is not all, we have reformated Sex Wardrobe to be an advise column for you guys… This column will give you the inside look into the coolest and hottest gifts you can buy for your special lady to keep her wanting you for eternity… (that is if you want that ;).

Lets keep it real, we are still at a very formative stage and we are open to all the feedback and criticism you want to give us. We want to hear from you so that we can improve and make VG the best mens magazine in the entire world.

Thanks again and enjoy the issue,