2016! Will it be the year when VOLOGLAM becomes one of those maga- zine brands that permeate the fabric of our society? OR will it be a year when we learn that our brand of free thinking is still ahead of its time? Only time will tell.

That said, the VOLO team is super excited abour 2016. We now have a pretty good pipeline of content for VOLOGLAM and our library of artists has grown around the GLOBE. These are artists who in many cases are exclusive to VOLOGLAM, creating the brand of edgy fashion editorials that we are defining our identity with.

We aim to make VOLOGLAM the only magazine you will need to pick up every month to get in tune with the latest tech, hottest entertainment, the glammiest styles and of course the most beautiful women. Our editorial team is working nights to make sure that the content we present in the magazine is informative, and enriching… For example when I read this months issue… I actually jumped on Amazon to order a few things immediately, LOL. That is exactly the behavior we expect to entice from our readers.

This issue features one of the most naturally beautiful women I know, Nicoleta Vaculov shot by Todd Dutkevitch will surely take your breath away. Hope you enjoy the issue and write to me with your ideas.



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