Urban Candy ‘Winter Swim’ – by Shankha

Models: Laneque Horton | India Hogan | Kushinda Little

Photographer: Shankha

Swimwear Styled & Designed by:  Kushinda Little

Makeup & Hair: Emma Loyola | Gabriella Mciver


Laneque Horton – GLAM CANDY


5 Minutes with Laneque Horton

You are VOLOGLAM – CANDY of the MONTH – How do you feel about this feature that will put you on the world stage?

I am sooo excited about this feature. You know to go from dreaming about something to achieving a breakthrough it really is everything the music artists talk about in their songs. The feeling is surreal. I have been knocking on doors to the modeling industry since I was about 14, at 22 now I’m more than thrilled to be launched into the industry. I am looking forward to many more features.

You will be object of every VOLO Man’s desire. Are you single or taken? What is your kind of man?

SINGLE SINGLE. I definitely enjoy mingling… friendships are a really important relationship for me. When you’re a friend of mine I want you to feel loved and appreciated by me and vice versa. I think it’s beautiful when people can have such a special relationship without going further all of the time. My kind of man is definitely a Godly one. A man that understands the Love of God has the secret to life that most people search for in the world but won’t find. He will have a different perspective on what’s more important in life. I lust for that mentality!

Naughty or Nice? Are you a demure damsel in bed or a hot tigress? Tell us your steamiest fantasy.

I’m on the nicer side. I could probably be an animal!! However I am nice so I don’t have any of those wild gorilla sex stories to share lol. I fantasize about my wedding night allllll of the time… haha I’m a romantic like that.

Will we see ‘more’ of you in the future? Will you consider modeling for VOLO MAGAZINE?

You might just.. if I end up modeling for VOLO. I am definitely more open to modeling nude now, than before.

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