Model: Bori Kreutz | @borikreutz

Photographer: Roberto Vivancos | @robertovivancosBori Kreutz

“Hi! My name is Bori Kreutz, I am a London based freelance makeup artist and model from Hungary.

Modelling and dancing is my passion. I’ve started modelling in February 2017 and I love it. I feel like it’s a great way to express myself. You can be anyone. It gave me a lot of confidence. I hope people likes my work as much as I enjoy doing it. I mainly shoot swimwear , lingerie, nude & glamour.

I love to travel so whenever a job opportunity abroad comes up I’m more than happy to say yes. I also do design on the side and I’d love to have my own lingerie/ swimwear brand in the future!”

Bori Kreutz

Bori Kreutz’s Interview:

When did you first begin modelling?

“I first started in February 2017 and it just escalated from there :).

 Tell us about the first paid photoshoot you had.

“My first paid shoot was with @Ilusphotography in April who contacted me via Instagram.”

Where has your talent taken you thus far? Do you travel often?

“I’ve had photoshoot in Belgium, Ibiza and Hungary. I travel as often as I can.”


When did you become a MUA? Have you always had a passion for beauty?

“I’ve got my grade in November 2016 but I’ve been doing this for 2 years now being self taught.”

What is your skincare regimen?

“I exfoliate almost every day and use a day & night moisturiser every day. Also use face masks to feel fresh :).”

What do you usually eat? You look incredibly healthy.

“I eat healthy loads of fruit & veggies. Been trying to skip carbs but I allow myself to have cheat days every now and then.”

Do you have a boyfriend or are you just having fun?

“I’m single at the moment, I feel like I couldn’t squeeze a relationship into my busy lifestyle right now. I’m happy this way so it’s all good!”

What sorts of things can we expect to see from you in 2017?

“My main goal is to keep the good work up and improve, try to work with the best magazines out there and keep my followers happy. :)”

Photographer’s Note:

“This is the very first set of many collaboration Bori and I have done together, from the first snap (also included in this set) I knew we’ll be a good photographer and model team. The idea of this shoot was to use natural light and keep a modern and colourful look by complementing Bori’s skin tone, the warmth of a yellow body suit and green curtains in the background. this was all shot at Roberto Vivancos Studio.”

Roberto Vivancos