Reclaiming Your Vagina? Yoga Poses To Up Your Pussy Game


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If you have a vagina, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there: the dead silent yoga class. You’re in a blissful state and looking hot in your yoga pants. You’re standing directly in front of the cutest person in the class. You gracefully go from shaking your tush in Downward Dog into Warrior Pose — and ‘’wet’’.


I never thought it would happen to me, but I lost my sexual mojo. I've always been blessed with a high libido, a lot of confidence, and a healthy appetite for all things sexy, but for the past several months the thought of sex has me going, meh. But a funny thing happens when you don't have as much sex as you used to—you stop wanting to have sex. As cliché as it is, 

if you don't use it, you lose it" 

Rang true for me. So, I figured its high time to get my sexy back.


Although I am still a newbie, Yoga has been more than just a sex tool, it has become a key element in my everyday life especially after becoming incontinent from losing the muscles in my pelvic floor. Yoga allows for flexibility and also increases your libido through increased blood flow so it's also good for women who have lost their sexual appetite due to pregnancy.

But why not add a fun element to it!

Do it naked or in lingerie. Just be beautiful and sexy. Get MORE WET! 

For those who are apprehensive about yoga, I recommend trying it in a mirror in whatever you feel comfortable in.

Cow Pose


Who doesn't love a good arch? This cow pose in conjunction with the cat pose strengthens your kegel muscles for stronger contraction action and great orgasms.

Pigeon Pose

#YogiMetamorphosis #straddlesplits playing with shapes Every time someone thinks they know me I always challenge the label I’m given. People often label me.... I want to respond when I feel it isn’t a fair label but I practice non judgment when I can, even if it hurts the words people use to put me in a place I do not reside; except in their head. I am not anything except a human, I just practice yoga in the clothes or no clothes I have on. I’m not the gal who takes or puts on clothes for people I practice yoga for me. Yoga doesn’t have a description how I have to look. Yoga for me helps me to see non judgement. If the first thing you say is they are because the way they look you miss the whole point of yoga....,To see..... You were born to dance to the beat of your heart, to roam without cages, with the innocence of a child and the free spirit of untamed horses. I hope you laugh without stopping and live with abandon and love like that is all there is. Stay wild, my wild, wild child! Day 1 🐛 Bridge Pose Day 2 🦋 Upward Facing Dog Day 3 🐛 Puppy Pose Day 4 🦋 Wheel pose Day 5 🐛 Hollowback Inversion Day 6 🦋 Side Lunge Day 7 🐛 Frog Pose Day 8 🦋 Half Frog Pose Day 9 🐛 Straddle Split Day 10🦋 Inverted Split • 🌸HOSTS🌸 @awesomebodyrevolution @dwinnerxfit @rhyannawatson @sultryabyss • 🌸SPONSORS🌸 @lotusandposes @karmicfox @rhyannawatson @sultrystones @insideoutsideoutsidein @namasteasfuck @slit_weave @danceweaver

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Excellent for stretching thigh muscles and relieving tension in the hips. No tensing up! Also, extremely easy to do for beginners.

Plow Pose


Gets the blood rushing! Do I really have to spell this one out for you?

Downward Dog


Calms the mind and cures muscle tension plus your ass is up in the air.

Eagle Pose


This pose is targeted to the vaginal area, focusing on the cervix. Once you release this pose, blood rushes through the cervix area prepping your coochie for some activity.

Wide legged Straddle


This was the first difficult pose I learned how to master.  There are many variations of this pose including an aerial one which is easier for beginners. This pose is great for libido, increasing blood flow in the pelvic area.  And, any sexual partner will appreciate a solid split.

Yoga Poses For Vaigna

As I'm throwing my orgasmic energy out, I blurt out, 


But in all seriousness, I felt powerful. I felt strong. I felt sexy. I stopped judging the little belly bulge staring back at me in the mirror and starting simply feeling sexier.

Mission accomplished!

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19 shares, 288 points
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