Beijing’s Secret Fashion Superstar: Yun Feng Wan 万云峰

“Where is the road, where is my runway?”

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Yun Feng is Beijing’s Secret Fashion Superstar who loves to give people unexpected surprises. 

He takes Street Style to the (Eco-Friendly!) Extreme…

And Vogue just knows how to describe this STAR! 

Yun Feng Wan just might be the latest fashion personality on the brink of superstardom. First discovered by Vogue’s resident street style photographer, Phil Oh, the Chinese makeup artist, hairstylist, and performance artist is nothing short of captivating.”

His Instagram account may boast a modest number of followers—a little over 3,000—but his social media bio suggests that’s far from the point: “Where is the road, where is my runway?” 

Those words aren’t just for show. The 44-year-old struts dramatically through the streets of Beijing in over-the-top, entirely self-made creations.

Just looking at his work, it’s hard to believe that this comes from someone who hasn’t received any academic training at all.

Surprising, right!

Just scroll down if you curious to know about him.

Yung Feng Chinese Performance Artist Comedian Stylist Interview

Model: Yun Feng Wan @yunfengwan

Photographer: Chong Cheng | @chengchong_

Designer/ Stylist: Wan Yun Feng @yunfengwan

Interview Questions

 What inspired you to pursue such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

 Wan’s high-fashion solo parades are meant to convey a deeper, eco-minded message. He is here to show that style and sustainability can go hand in hand and employs a zero-waste policy

 “When I see the abandoned, visually impactful things, it creates a desire to design something eco-friendly, and then I will come up with a specific shape of clothing in my mind.” Making a scene in a public place is Wan’s passion. “I like designing clothes so much. In order to showcase his work in the best manner possible, he treats any place as his runway."

He says, “When I put on my clothes and stand on the road, my eyes are only focusing on the catwalk. There is only music in my ears. No one can affect my runway. “ Because beautifully-made clothes are also making the world a better place; thankfully we’re here to brag for them.

 When did you have that “AH-HA” moment, realizing that you would do this for the rest of your life?

 One day four years ago, in the place where I was born, I found a lot of discarded clothes in my hometown. I thought they were too beautiful. I just couldn’t bear the thought of people treating it like trash. And then I had the impulse to design.

After I finished designing clothes, I wore them. And started walking on the streets with my design on. That moment, after designing for the first time, I couldn't extricate myself and started a crazy designing career.

So, tell us Yun Feng Wan, where relative to China do you design your clothing?                                       

I really like the combination of Chinese and Western elements. I think the combination of the two, Chinese and the Western, is very beautiful. Chinese culture has a long history when it comes to art and design. Many Chinese elements are the major inspiration for his designs and help him to express his concept of clothing in a fashionable yet sustainable manner.

Where do you source your fabrics and dyes?

Most of the materials I need to design are discarded items that are not used at home, as well as those that are picked up from friends, clothes and daily necessities that they don’t want, etc.

How much time does it take for you to create a piece of design?

I have recently created a piece. But generally, a single piece might take up to a month to create.

The fate of the fertilizer bag

The used fertilizer woven bag, its fate, should not just become garbage, it can have a lot of possibilities to continue to shine.

Many waste products in life, if they can be scientifically reused, turn waste into treasure, which saves materials and plays a role in environmental protection.

Everyone should work hard to protect our environment, protect our planet and create a better life for our children.

Yung Feng Chinese Performance Artist Comedian Stylist Interview

Yung Feng Chinese Performance Artist Comedian Stylist Interview

Yung Feng Chinese Performance Artist Comedian Stylist Interview

How are the pieces you showcased at various fashion events ecologically sound?

I choose my raw materials that are environmental, which is waste and can be recycled as well. They are all designed with materials that are closely related to people's lives on a daily basis. 

What or who has influenced your work as a socially and environmentally responsible designer?

In the beginning, I worked in movies as a comedian. I prepared the costumes I needed for my character. Because I didn’t have the money to ask professional people to design the costumes. So, I decided to design them myself and eventually I fell in love with the whole concept of designing costumes. 

I always feel like my father is guiding me and giving me strength from above. So, I have to keep doing it, can’t let my father down. 😉😉         

Why is sustainable fashion important to you? 

Anything that’s related to environmental protection or has the tag of fashion, I am very passionate. This is like making an appeal to people to promote environmental protection through my clothing performance art. It’s like giving waste life and turning garbage into art. I want a healthy living environment for the future generations to come. So, yes this is very important to me!

Given Beijing is still one of China’s most polluted cities, are you planning on creating some eco-friendly designs for the consumers in China market?

Now Beijing's pollution has been improved very well, and the air is basically good. This is a very happy thing for me. I want to design clothes that are comfortable, isolated, and radiation-proof and something that protects the body from pollution.

I heard you were recently invited by Jiangsu Satellite TV on the One Stop to the End show. How was the whole experience?

 I love this show very much. The TV station likes my eco-friendly design. They have supported me through the fashion performance art show to appeal to people to protect the environment. And honestly, I am very touched with this.

What is your opinion on the fashion industry today? And how do you promote that through your designs?

Some high-fashion designers have been eco-friendly since day one, others are jumping onto the trend by creating collections that are sustainably focused - either way, they are here to slay.

But there are some that are causing a lot of pollution and damaging our environment. I don't want to see a vicious circle. I will use a lot of waste to make beautiful designs, let people see different beauty, to inspire everyone to raise environmental awareness, don't litter, don't break the environment, don't destroy the earth.

Given your stardom is growing, we heard that you also created the cool double look of Paris fashion week for rocket girl 101yamy. How did you feel about this and what are you planning on doing next?

I think that talented artists should be more given a platform to go international. Let’s think of combining Chinese and Western beauty styles, create a new wave of beauty trends, and pass the knowledge to more people.

I have more work with them next time, and I look forward to designing a variety of different styles for them.


Are you the change you want to see in the world?

In general, I lead my life in a very optimistic manner and honestly, I am a very enthusiastic person. So, if you are talking about the change, I think my answer is YES.

I hope that everyone should start thinking about environment-friendly ways to sustain and make our planet whole and healthy again.

Besides being a designer you are also known as a make-up artist and a hairstylist. Who is your style icon?  

My icon idol is Chanel

What is your number one beauty tip? Number one hair care tip?  

My makeup skills are mainly to capture the characteristics of each person. Everyone is unique, and they are strong in their own manner. So this helps the person to be even more confident.

Hairstyle should make rhythm, give it life, and take it according to the occasion, just right.

Which hair/beauty products and tools are always in your kit? 

Beauty: eyebrow pencil, foundation, lipstick

Hair: hair gel, hair fragrance, perm clip

What do you love most about being a stylist? 

I enjoy being more confident because of me and making everyone beautiful is my greatest happiness.

With this with come to the end of our little fun chat. But before we leave, tell us what is your dream? 

To be honest it's very simple yet a very big request to make(laughs) Make the earth living heaven through my clothing performance art. 

Check out some of his global runway designs below

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