Takeover the @volomagazine Instagram story

Explode your Instagram with a @volomagazine #Takeover

  • Please note you can use a mix of live streaming clips directly taken with the Insta story feature and uploaded clips from your camera roll during your takeover. The reason for this is to get more than a selfie view of you and your daily activities- allows the audience to see you in full length at times. IF you do not know how to upload clips from your camera roll we can walk you through it.
  • Take advantage of this 24 hour exposure opportunity! Announce this #takeover on all your streams as we will. This is a great way to gain fans from the VOLO and VOLOGLAM Audience.
  • Announce your GLAM Girl Feature/VOLO VAULT publication on the stream more than once to get the most exposure from this event.

Guideline script for the takeover

    1. Begin with a clip from bed under the sheets, partial body exposure (no nudity please- teasing is effective here.)
    2. Next you can take a  clip in the shower or just before you hop in, and when hopping out while wet. (Shower clips do very well on the stream with our audience but please NO nudity.)
    3. You can then show the audience what you have in mind for your days outfit, and show them glimpses of you getting dressed. (this may be a good time to record yourself and upload a clip from your camera roll make sure there is a lot of booty 😉
    4. Following your dressing routine you can then show them bits and pieces of your makeup and beauty routine
    5. Announce your publication release and show them a sneak peek and tell them where they can find it.
    6. Take them into the kitchen and prepare some food, or if you are going out make sure to tell them where you are and show some clips of the meal
    7. After this perhaps you will be headed to a shoot- you should set up your camera to record sme BTS NON NUDE clips to upload to the stream.
    8. You may be meeting a friend- introduce them explain to the audience what you are up too for the day
    9. If you have a workout planned- show clips of your workout (sexier clps are always do best)
    10. Throughout the day just make sure to live broadcast as much as you can but make it thoughtful and flirty.
    11. When your day is unwinding- make sure to show them how you choose to unwind whether it is with a glass of wine, or your pets (introduce any furry friends you have) or whatever you do – let the VOLO audience get a sneak peek.)
    12. Announce your live publication and show them where to find it!
    13. You can then show them what you plan for dinner, and dessert. (Having someone film you eating a cute food like ice cream or cake would be a cute touch)
    14. Take them through your bedtime routine, picking out pjs, makeup removal, skin masks, bathtime etc…
    15. Ending the day with an in bed under the sheets goodnight clip (blowing a kiss is good for ide for your @VOLOMagazine insta story #takeover


Sample Takeover

@volomagazine #Instastory Takeover by @jillisalyn 

This script and sample video is intended to guide you along should you get hung up on what to broadcast. But please note that this is how we would like the takeover to be laid out the particular order you d things isn’t as important as being a good host. So keep it interesting, fun and flirty and you should do quite well.